What was the hottest Indy 500?

The Indianapolis 500 is coming soon. There are many different ways that you can watch the Indy 500 live streaming too. Check your local listings or research online. This year the temperature is going to be hot at the race, however, there have been other years that have been even hotter.

Hottest Indy 500

When was the hottest Indy 500?

There have been many hot race days, however, the hottest one was on May 31, 1937. The high for this day was 92 sweltering degrees. That race was won by Wilbur Shaw. There have other super-hot days as well for this race. The three hottest race days besides this one have been in 1919,1953, and 2012. The temperature for these years was 91 degrees. The other two hottest race days were in 1977 and 1978, the high was 90 degrees both years.

In 2018, the race track was equipped with misting stations and cooling buses. There were first-aid centers that were set up and began treating patients who were suffering from heat-related illnesses. At 11 a.m. that day, the temperature was already 85 degrees. That day over 190 people were treated for heat-related illnesses. 30 people were taken to the hospital.

In 1911, when the first Indy 500 started, the temperature was 77.4 degrees. There have been many rainy and wet days too in Indy. In 2004, there were 3.8 inches of rain. The next wettest day for the race was 1.55 inches of rainfall.

There have been hot days for the races, however, there have also been really cold days. In 1947, the temperature in the morning before the race was 37 degrees. In 1992, race days had a high of 58 degrees. On average, the Indy 500 will have a low temperature of 57 degrees and an average high of 78 degrees.

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