Daniel Jacobs net worth, bio, and family

Who is Daniel Jacobs?

Daniel Jacobs is from Brooklyn New York and he is 32 years old. He is ranked 1/242 in the United States. Worldwide, he is 3/1532. He is known as the Miracle Man because he was diagnosed with cancer, told he wouldn’t walk again, and within days of the cancer surgery, he was outside and working out. He is a Miracle man. He’d in the middleweight division and is ready for the fight. So, when you are watching Canelo vs Jacobs live, think about these facts.

Daniel Jacobs net worth, bio and family

Daniel Jacobs is a four-time golden glove winner. He is fast and so is his hand speed. He was raised by his mother in Brooklyn New York. He began a great amateur boxing career at an early age. He won the 2003 junior Olympics. In 2007, he turned pro. His first career fight was in December 2007, against Jose Jesus Hurtado at MGM Grand in Los Angeles. He won by a knockout after round one.

His net worth is in the millions. He has a son and does not speak about a woman in his life. He is very private when it comes to his personal life. He is not very vocal about his love life, personal affairs, or his son.  As far as his family goes, he was raised by his mother, grandmother, and aunts. There is no information in regard to his father. He doesn’t know who his father is or where he is from. He is the only child as well.

He is very tall and lean, has a great personality, and he always tried to laugh and be positive, even when things get him down. This was how he faced cancer when he was diagnosed. He knew he had to stay focused, eat healthy, get a lot of rest, and take care of himself. He knew if he did not think positive then cancer would have beaten him.

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