Wilder vs Fury: Who is the best heavyweight

While watching the Wilder vs Fury live stream, the thought of who is the best heavyweight may pop into your head. We may not know who the best heavyweight is as of now, but it will be determined on February 22, 2020. The rematch may show us who is the best heavyweight, but we all have our favorites.

Wilder vs Fury: Who is the best heavyweight

The two best heavyweights are going head to head on February 22. Let us look at each of them and their performances.

Tyson Fury, right now, is one of our favorites. Fury outboxed Wilder for most of their fight when they first met. Fury was even knocked out in the 12th round and somehow managed to get up. He rose to his feet and stood up to beat the count. How amazing! Fury finished that fight and he earned a draw from the judges.

Fury gets better and better every time he has a fight. He has many impressive wins and is a great boxer. Fury is improving every day and Fury is a better fighter currently than Wilder is. One thing that Fury lacks, however, is the powerful punch that can knock anyone out, Wilder does.

Many fans believe that Deontay Wilder is the best and there are many reasons why they do. During the first bout, Wilder technically knocked out Fury, in the ninth and 12th rounds. He somehow stood up to beat the count.

Deontay Wilder did not take three years off either, unlike Fury, who was basically forced to take a hiatus, which enabled some drinking, depression, and gaining weight. However, Fury is back in shape and smaller than he used to be. His trainer says he has gotten him into better shape, and he is ready for this rematch. Both fighters are both in their primes in their careers and they both aim to win every fight they are in. When these two fights again, there will be a heavyweight champion named. One thing is for certain, this bout will be one of the best we have ever seen.

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