Can I watch f1 on my phone?

Formula 1 has become one of the most popular sports in the world, and millions of fans across the globe are seeking every option of catching the action as it will be taking place. For any F1 fan, if making it to the event is not possible, then the only option that is left is to look for platforms where you can watch F1 online streaming, and this includes watching the event from your phone.

watch f1 on my phone

Smartphones have increasingly become popular in the past few years and watching every turn, and every twist of the F1 car racing event is just in your pocket as there are various sites and applications that you can watch the live broadcasting of all the F1 Grand Prix. Whether you are using an IOS or Android, there are various sites and apps that are compatible with your phone type.

There are various methods that you can watch the F1 event, and some of these methods include the following

  • Using official broadcasting channels

Being an international sport, several channels will be broadcasting the F1 event across the world, and you have to find the channels that are broadcasting the event in your country. Some of the official channel broadcasters include Sky Sports, ORF, Match TV, NBC, and ESPN, and to watch the event on your phone; you have to search the official sites of these broadcasters.

  • Using Apps

Several apps live broadcast the event, and one of the most popular apps is the Formula 1 app that helps its fans have easy access to the F1 Grand Prix event through their phones. The only limitation is that this app is only available in 40 countries across Europe and America, and if you are located in countries that do not have access to the F1 TV app, you will need to use a VPN. There are also various applications such as KODI, Sky Sports, Fubo TV, Sling TV, and BBC Sport.

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